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Our Heritage

This family is considered as one of the most ancient families of pre Independence India, with a well documented lineage dating back to as early as 81 AD. This 1900 years of heritage belongs to the erstwhile Royal familiy of “Panchakote Raj“ Estate from eastern India. The scions are the direct descendants of the great kshatriya clans of Pramar Rajputs, whose original roots can be traced to Dhar, now a district central India. Although, a very small principality compared to many big Indian Empires, the Rulers of this dynasty have made huge contributions towards India’s first struggle for independence in the year 1857 and have made significant donations towards their social cause and religious obligations to leave behind a rich legacy and history very few families can match.

The Host Family

Presently members of this family, Debjit his wife Namrata and their charming 8 year old daughter Shreevidya plays host to all residing travelers. Being in their middle age, they are down to earth very easy going, eco friendly and as true nature lovers they have kept the property very natural and partly wild, without disturbing its very essence. As soon as you enter the property, you shall be thoroughly welcomed by them, whose personal presence and care will relax the mind. Debjit ensures accompanying all guests to explain their royal past, the local life & its surroundings, culture etc., while Namrata gets busy serving some mouthwatering Indian and local cuisines and above all sharing lots & lots of stories on the dining table. Little Shreevidya is the joy of the house who fills in the gap perfectly engaging the guests with her own antics. Debjit is a painter who likes to capture wildlife in his leisure times and Namrata has a great interest in the Hindu Mythology and spends lots of time in reading and other stitching crafts. The couple ensures an excellent Homestay to leave behind an everlasting friendship and memories with a commitment to come back.

The Property

This beautiful Palace was built by "Raja Jyoti Prasad Singh Deo", the great grandfather of Debjit Singh Deo in 1931. Once used as an exclusive hunting resort of the Rulers of Panchakote Raj Dynasty and their family members. A very beautiful two storied stone house built in laterite stone, dedicated exclusively to his family deity, commonly known as "Rajabati", is situated very close to the capital city of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The serene and sublime beauty of Kapilas Elephant Sanctuary and it's surroundings hills forms a breath taking back drop to this beautiful property. A one of it's kind mansion like structure having an European style architecture and fittings, with arched windows and doors fitted with colored glasses and it has the most modern furniture and fittings of past era including self generating electricity. The palace boasts of some vintage period furniture and artifacts being displayed in various forms. The property is surrounded by high walls. Two huge water reservoirs are adjacent to the property offering a grand view of the surrounding life and makes an ideal place to sit out for an evening sundowners with bonfire story sessions. The property remained abandoned since the late 80”s, till Debjit and Namrata moved in after a long gap of 25 years and with their great effort and style are renovating this mansion to its original condition.


Royal Heritage Suites:

Non AC suites, fully furnished with antique furniture and fittings very tastefully done up with very minimalistic décor to enhance a sense of space and vintage period. All suites have large windows that offers plenty of soothing fresh air and natural light. For the summers, the rooms are well cooled by the traditional root curtains. In addition one extended sitting room with coffee table is also provided. The attached washrooms are a delight as they are very spacious & clean with plenty of natural breeze and light filtering in. The design and décor is befitted to bring in the feel of a Lost Era and it's "Old World Charm".

Roof Top Cottages:

Roof top cottages have been designed and added as an add ons to use some non functional extra rooms. These are smaller than the heritage rooms but still offers a separate sitting room with a classical look and feel. The attached washrooms have sufficient space and tighter than the heritage rooms but offers windows for natural light and air.

Food & Cuisine

Indian Food served by the family is a major highlight of this Homestay. The familly serves delicious local and traditional family recipes, all cooked in an eco friendly bio gas kitchen. Both veg. and non veg. food is served with less spice that tastes great. Dishes cooked are from fresh and Organic vegetables that are grown in their own garden along with fish from their own ponds and milk products from their home dairy farm. Meals are mainly shared with the family together on the table.

Note : Due to traditional belief chicken and chicken eggs are not served. Instead farm quail and quail eggs are a delicacy here. Duck eggs are offered only in winter season.

Guests can also learn Indian cooking offered by the host couple on some extra charges.


Mangarajpur, Jyoti Niketan ( Rajbati) CUTTACK ,754028

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